Goals of 3rd Decade Centrist




To re-purpose the word “Centrist” in the political and social context to define reasonable, collaborative, and pragmatic people organized to foster broad and comprehensive conversations and work towards sensible workable solutions, regardless of issue.



To help “Centrists” connect, organize and get active with like-minded people in and around their own communities to formulate and pursue Centrist solutions to their communities’ political and social issues and challenges.



To provide Centrists with support, tools, and resources to help build organizations, identify issues and challenges, and formulate and implement Centrist solutions.



To help facilitate the communication and coordination of multiple Centrist organizations in addressing larger and/or higher-level issues.



To help consolidate Centrist organizations into a larger community and movement to (a) leverage them to draw in additional resources and (b) ultimately address state and federal level issues and provide Americans with a reasonable alternative to divisive and destructive “two-party” politics.

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