Democrats, Melania is with you!


On Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump was criticized for wearing a jacket that said, “I really don’t care. Do U?”, prior to a trip to Texas to visit an immigrant children’s facility (CNN link).

While on the surface this jacket would clearly be considered tone deaf and extremely insensitive and  inappropriate, a deeper look at other recent events may shed some light on Melania Trump’s true intentions and sympathies.

A day prior to Melania’s trip, her husband the President spoke in Duluth, Minnesota, and stated (The New Yorker link):


(Democrats) let everybody come in, let everybody pour in—We don’t care, let them come in from the Middle East, let them come in from all over the place!’)(…) Democrats don’t care about the impact of uncontrolled migration on your communities, your schools, your hospitals, your jobs, or your safety.


Melania’s husband the President doubled down on that position the next day (yes, the same day as Melania’s trip), stating of Democrats (The Washington Times link):


“They don’t care about the children. They don’t care about the injury, they don’t care about the problems”.


Melania Trump- closeted Democratic champion and passive-aggressive activist.

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