Add Your Photos!

To symbolize 3DCNetwork’s commitment to local organizing and activism, and to continue livening up what has been called our “shitty website”, we will be adding a theme to the website to feature photos of local government and administrative buildings, both current and historic. These photos will be used throughout the site in headers, as background, etc.

If you would like to see your photos included in this theme and your town or area represented, please send us your photos! The guidelines are as follows:

  • Photos must be original, taken by the submitter.
  • You may submit multiple photos, such as multiple photos of the same building or photos of buildings from cities, towns, counties, etc. other than your own.
  • As we are a U.S. organization, please limit photos to buildings within the United States and its territories. Exceptions will gladly be considered on a case by case basis.
  • No building is too big or too small! From historic colonial 200+ year old structures to portable or temporary structures that serve as the house of local government, we want to see them.
  • Please include at least one photo of any signage that identifies each building, whether it be on the building, freestanding, a cornerstone or other part of the structure, a commemorative plaque,  or something else.
  • Please include in all submissions the name/description of the building and its location (town, city, county, etc.).
  • Please include how you would like to be credited within the photo (i.e. name, business/organization name, tasteful social media handle, etc.).
  • By submitting photos, you acknowledge that 3DCNetwork has permission to use the photos on this site without compensation to you, and that 3DCNetwork may make minor alterations or edits to photos (such as cropping, altering brightness, converting color to black and white) prior to use.

To submit photos, e-mail, or private message @3DCNetwork ( or u/3DCNetwork ( for details so we can work out how best to send and receive them and/or answer any questions.

Thank you for helping as we continue to build a better and more user-friendly site!

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